Getting the attention of following drivers is more difficult than ever.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports 52% of drivers in its latest survey feel less safe than they did five years ago — a 17-percentage-point increase since the same time last year. A whopping 40% of these drivers cited cellphones/texting/distracted drivers as the biggest reason they feel unsafe.

A University of Utah study found that cellphone use caused distractions for motorists as serious as driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08%, the legal definition of driving while intoxicated.*

To protect yourself, your vehicle and your passengers, install R.E.D. Alert.

R.E.D. Alert flashes the third brake light to emit four eye-catching half-second pulses when the brakes are initially applied. This additional alert dramatically improves the chances of attracting the attention of distracted drivers.

*USA Today - September 2010

Nearly one fourth of all passenger vehicle accidents are rear-end collisions, 1.5 million annually!*


* National Highway Transportation
  and Safety Administration